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Tens of thousands of children live in foster homes without a Court Appointed Special Advocate® (CASA) or Guardian ad Litem (GAL). Imagine that child showing up to court and not knowing a soul. Worse yet, imagine how that child doesn’t know about court or how to defend himself while seeing complete strangers decide his future.

CASA / GAL volunteers know the children they serve, their story and unique circumstances and they have their best interests in mind. Having a CASA by a child’s side can be the difference between despair and hope. Your donation today helps the cost of CASA / GAL advocacy for a child by finding a safe, loving and permanent home for that child to live in.

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Thank You to our MTCASA Supporters

Betsy & Bill Bayne In Honor of Lisa Kuntz Kelly Anne Dalton Ondrak Family Holdings LLC
Brandon Green Jeff Montag Lael Gray Sandy Black
Brugh Foundation Jennifer and Christopher Burke Laura Dever Tom and Carol McElwain
Elaine and John Meeks Jim Fitzgerald Laura & Larry Brehm Tom and Christine McCall
Elisabeth Smith John and Jody Menyhart Local Montana CASA programs Waverly Huston
Glenda Noyes Karen and Burke Townsend Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lake



Without support, MTCASA/GAL wouldn't be able to fulfill their mission. Thank you for your generosity in supporting our vision "to give every abused and neglected child in Montana the opportunity to thrive in a safe, loving permanent home".


To support our organization please contact

Montana CASA / GAL Association 

PO Box 2596

225 West Front Street

Missoula, Montana 59806


We are a 501 (C) (3) Organization and your Donations are Tax Deductible

Our Tax ID # is 81-4941812